How To Make An Interior Design Effort More Lively

Posted on: 23 April 2019

For some folks, little more needs to go into personalizing a home than to hire an interior designer and turn them loose. You may, however, want to do more than just live in someone else's idea of a house. These 5 interior design suggestions will help you create a livelier place whether you're working alone or with the assistance of a pro.

Big Plants Make Big Impressions

Plants can give any room a splash of like. Why draw the line at throwing a small cactus and a few spider plants in a space? Big plants make big statements, and they'll give every new visitor something to talk about.

If you have pets in your home, though, just make sure that the plants you set up are safe to have around them. Many animals, particularly cats, are prone to chewing on leaves.

Matching and Coordination are Overrated

Hypermodern interior design trends have had a long run in the industry, but more folks are finding that a bohemian style suits them better. A living room couch doesn't need to be one with its environment, and the pillows don't have to look like they were selected from a catalog. Good taste means nothing next to your taste so don't be afraid to break out items that weren't designed to be together. Visitors will appreciate the chill vibe your home has.

The Death of the All-White Kitchen

Another trend that has seen a long run come to an end is the all-white kitchen. Those who still want to indulge modernist trends can maintain their tastes while picking up trendsetter points by going with an all-black kitchen. Rustic and Mediterranean styles are worth looking into if you want a cooking space that feels more personal and warm.

Colorful Floor Tiles

Floors don't have to be boring, and one of the more exciting trends worth exploring is the colored floor tile. You can stagger a few deep colors among lighter tones to create a pattern or go all-in with nothing but colored tiles. Colors can also be utilized to set out separate spaces, especially in homes with open floor plans.

Going to the Matte

Glossy surfaces dominate the pages of every home decor magazine, but you can make a statement by going matte. For example, a matte countertop can still be perfectly polished enough to serve its purpose, ultimately providing a visual surprise by breaking from the norm.

For more help, contact an interior designer in your area.