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3 Questions You Should Know The Answer To Before Buying Countertops For Your Kitchen

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Of all of the changes and upgrades you could make to your kitchen, simply swapping out your countertops for new ones could be the one change that makes all the difference in the room’s overall appearance. However, choosing countertops can also be a daunting task because there are so many options to choose from–each with their own advantages and special considerations. From quartz to natural stone to ceramic tileā€”make sure you don’t get lost in all the options by arming yourself with knowledge about what countertops will work best for you. Asking yourself these three questions before making a final decision on the type of countertops you want installed in your kitchen will help. 

How comfortable are you with ongoing countertop maintenance?

Some countertop materials naturally require a little more attention than others to maintain their quality appearance for the years to come. For example, granite is an excellent countertop material choice, but does also have to be resealed on occasion to keep porosity levels to a minimum. Likewise, concrete countertops can become discolored if they are not sealed on occasion. Even though material choices like laminate and tile may not have as long of a lifespan as natural stone, these materials usually don’t require a lot of maintenance for the long haul. 

How much heavy-duty cooking do you do in your kitchen?

This sounds like an odd question, but the fact is, not all countertops will withstand things like constant spills, heavier-than-usual-pans, or excessive heat from a scorching pan accidentally placed without a trivet beneath. If you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen, it may be better to go with countertops that are a little more resilient to things like hot and or spilled ingredients. Quartz countertops, for example, will stain easy and can even crack if exposed to high heat levels. On the other hand, formica is more resilient, and so are concrete countertops or those crafted from stainless steel. 

How much counter space do you have to work with compared to your budget?

Price is almost always going to be a determining factor in home upgrade projects, but especially so when it comes to countertops because the prices can range greatly from one material to the next. Consider how much counter space you have in your kitchen that needs to be covered. If you have a massive amount of counter space and not a lot of money to work with, it will be best to track down a material that is less costly, like ceramic tile or laminate. Because most companies charged by the installed foot for countertop materials, large counterspaces can get pretty costly to cover with higher-end materials like natural stone.

For more information, contact companies like Plastic Line Mfg Inc.

Top Reasons To Choose Hardwood Flooring

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Have you recently purchased a home that needs an upgrade in its interior design? Do some of the rooms still have vintage shag carpet from the 70s that needs to go away? If you’re busily looking through carpet catalogs for a replacement, here are some reasons why you might want to consider hardwood flooring instead:

Allergen-free: Carpeting has a tendency to attract any allergens that come near it. Dust, dander, pollen and more become trapped within the carpet fibers. When you walk on the carpet, the allergens can be thrown into the air by the tiny air currents created by your feet. For most people, this isn’t going to be a problem. However, if you have bad allergies or asthma, then you want to reduce the amount of indoor pollution as much as possible. Hardwood flooring, being relatively smooth, won’t trap dirt and pollen. While you may still have to deal with the creation of balls of hair, or dust bunnies, they will be easier to clean up and get rid of than allergens that have been caught in carpet.

Longer lasting: Although you can find antique area rugs, the average modern carpet is only likely to last about 5-25 years. If you have young children or pets, the wear and tear on the carpet can mean that it doesn’t even last as long as the average. But hardwood flooring is extremely durable. Unlike soft carpet, it will last for many years with relatively little maintenance. Instead of having to steam clean your carpet every few months, you may only need to wax a hardwood floor once a year or once every other year. If you have a busy lifestyle, low maintenance floors may be just the thing for you.

Better wheelchair mobility: If you or one of your family uses a wheelchair or a power scooter, you might have heard complaints about carpeted rooms. A wheelchair can get stuck in a very thick and plush carpet, requiring extra effort to get moving once again. It may also be difficult to make it between rooms where there is a drastic transition, such as from a carpeted living room to a tiled kitchen or bathroom and vice versa. With hardwood flooring, these issues are reduced or eliminated entirely. This can mean the difference between needing assistance simply to move from room to room and being able to get to the refrigerator or toilet on his or her own.  

Ideas For Storing More In Your Kitchen

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A common lament for homeowners is that there’s not enough storage in their kitchen. In fact, it’s one of the catalysts for deciding on a kitchen makeover or full remodel. However, just having new cabinets installed won’t solve the problem if you don’t design them for your particular storage needs. Spend a day in the life of your kitchen, noting what items you’re reaching for in certain areas, and design your kitchen cabinetry to fulfill your storage preferences.  

Pull-Out Pantry

A popular addition for narrow spaces near refrigerators is the pull-out pantry. This is a custom cabinet consisting of narrow shelves stacked on top of each other. Typically open on both sides, the pull-out pantry is installed on rollers. Such a custom shelf is perfect for storing dried goods, though you can have it further customized to house kitchen tools such as baking sheets or small appliances.

Cabinet Pantry

If you have more width available than depth and height, consider transforming a cabinet into your pantry. Have this cabinet located right next to your main food preparation area. Fit it with both shelves and pull-out drawers to organize different types of food. Better Homes and Gardens also suggests having custom pantry storage accessories installed for easier storage. You can keep the shelving open in your pantry or hide it behind traditional cabinet doors.

Appliance Cabinet

Another transformation for a cabinet is as an appliance stand. Plan to store your most-used items at work surface level inside the cabinet, and have the shelves and an electrical outlet installed accordingly. Additionally, group your heat-generating appliances, such as a toaster and coffee pot, on a pull-out shelf to make using them safer. You can even design the cabinet to accommodate the tools and food that go with the appliances. Have shelves installed above work surface level for less-common appliances that you’ll take out for use.

Toe-Kick Drawer

A surprisingly under-utilized space is that between the bottom of cabinets and the floor. Take back this space by having a shallow drawer installed. This narrow space might be ideal for storing items such as baking pans and little-used serving dishes, or it might become your new junk drawer.

Door Attachments

Another under-used space is the back of doors. This can become prime real estate for storage. During your day in the life exercise, note what small items you’d like stored in certain cabinets. Have the backs of these doors customized with hooks, rods, and even racks. Such attachments not only increase your storage space, they facilitate your kitchen tasks by keeping small items close at hand.

While you’ll attend to aesthetics when planning the exterior of your kitchen cabinetry, pay close attention to how customized inserts can increase your storage as well. 

For further assistance, contact local installation professionals, such as those from CK Custom Kabinetry Inc.

How To Paint Over Old Vinyl Shutters

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Over time, your vinyl shutters can begin to fade, making your house look a little unsightly or even unkempt. You can pay to have all of your shutters replaced with new ones, but if that is a little out of your budget, you can give them an update with some paint instead. You need to take the right steps when painting over vinyl shutters to keep the paint from peeling off. See below for instructions.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Outdoor latex enamel paint (in your paint color choice)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Liquid de-glosser
  • Garden hose
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Bucket
  • Soft scrub brush
  • Ladder
  • Cordless drill
  • Drop cloths


  1. Before you begin painting, you’ll need to figure out which color to choose for your home. If you are planning on re-painting your shutters the same color, move to the next step. If you want to choose a new color, take a look around at other homes that are the same color as yours, or look on-line at different sites such as Pinterest to help you choose a new shutter color that will match your home.
  2. Once you have the paint color in mind, you can take your old shutters off. Using a ladder and your handy cordless drill, begin carefully taking off each shutter. You may want to mark them or lay them out in order somehow so you remember where they go on your house.
  3. Give your shutters a good cleaning using some dish soap in a bucket with water. Spray down your shutters and use the soft scrub brush to gently scrub away the dirt and grime. Once they are clean, allow them to dry completely.
  4. Using the liquid de-glosser and some rags, wipe the de-glosser on the shutters. The de-glosser will not only take off any of the shine that still remains on your shutters, it will help the new paint adhere to the shutters. 
  5. After you have applied the de-glosser to all of your shutters, you can begin painting the shutters with your new paint color.
  6. To paint the shutters, begin on the inner slats or the louvers and work your way to the outside of the shutters. The last part you should paint is the outer edges. Let the first coat dry, then add a second coating if need be.
  7. Let the paint on your shutters cure for a few days before hanging them up outside. If need be, bring the shutters inside to a covered area such as a garage, shed or basement. This way they can cure without any outside debris getting on them.

Paint is a great way to update your old, faded shutters. It is a big job, so be sure to take all of the necessary steps so you get the job done right the first time. Contact a business, such as The Blind and Drapery Corner, for more information.     

Learning More About Staircase Railing Safety And Design Impact

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A decorative stairwell can add a level of unique elegance to any home. Whether your stairs are straight or you have a winding staircase, the railings you choose can have a huge impact on stair safety and their decorative appeal. Check out these tips for choosing the staircase railings best for your home.

Railings Are Primarily Used For Safety Reasons

When selecting railings for your stairs, remember the reason they are there in the first place. Rails are for helping you and your family members get up and down the stairs with a low risk of falling, providing a support for you to hold onto, an specially important factor during your descent. While you may find a particular rail has a beautiful decorative appeal, making sure it will be one that will provide the best support for everyone in your home is important. For example, if you prefer a wide wooden, flat styled railing, consider whether your small children would benefit from holding on to it because their hands are small. While you may be able to easily use a wider, flat style, it may impossible for your children to. Considering a wooden style with greater graspability would be the best option for families with children.

Metal Choices Can Be Good For Indoor Decor

Most homeowners choosing metal railings for outdoor stairs. However, some metal railings can be a great way to add elegant style to your indoor stairs, especially wrought iron railings. Wrought iron railings can be especially beautiful when used on spiraling staircases. Wrought iron is durable, so your investment in them can be worthwhile.

Stair Railings Made Out Of Stone Are Unique

If you are considering stone hand rails for your stairs, you need to be sure your stairwell is strong enough to support them. Rails carved out of stone can look great and they add a heightened air of elegance to your home. Some homeowners also have the stairs in their home made out of carved stone, adding to the unique decorative appeal the rails provide. If you wonder about whether or not stone rails would work for your stairs, having a professional contractor take a look at your stairs is a good idea.

In many homes, the staircase is a main focal point in the home’s design. Making the right choices for staircase railings is important because if the impact they have on your home’s overall decorative design. Taking the time to explore all your options for railings is the best way to the ones you can be happy with a long time to come.