Ways To Showcase Your Landscape With Lighting

Posted on: 30 July 2018

There are many things you've done to your landscape to make the area more attractive and dimensional in its appeal. You want people to be able to enjoy your landscape at all times, not just during the day.

Lighting your landscape is a very beneficial way to make your yard look beautiful no matter what time of day it is. Use these lighting ideas to give your landscape even more amazing appeal.

Light up sidewalks

Make your landscape more defined and much safer by adding lighting along your sidewalks, driveway, and walking paths. Small individual lights can be stuck in the ground to be lit with blue, white, or yellow LED lights to give your landscape an ethereal appeal.

Or, you can have your lighting installation expert install underground light strips along your main walking paths that can be turned on by a switch or by plugging in the unit. When you add lights to your main walking areas, you give your landscape a streamlined appeal while adding definition and making your yard easier to navigate when it gets dark.

Light up large trees

Place flood or ground lights at the base of all your major trees, since having these massive structures shining brightly at night will make your landscape look even larger and more impressive than it really is. Lighting up your trees also helps soften the deep, dark lines of your nighttime landscape, giving your home a more welcoming, comforting appeal.

Consider adding lighting to all your major front yard trees, using appealing and structure-softening yellow or soft white lighting. Flood lights can be installed with two or three units on a single post so you can manually light up the structures of your choosing, or you can have your lighting installation designer design a floodlight strip that will work best for your nighttime illumination.

Light up your patio

Your patio is an outdoor entertainment area that should always be bright and welcoming. Ask your landscape lighting design service if they will customize LED strip lights for use along and around your patio. You can also have special lanterns or lights hung from your patio or from nearby trees to give your entertainment space a more whimsical, charming appeal.

Your landscape should be marvelous no matter what time of day you choose to enjoy it. Talk to a local interior lighting professional about your landscape lighting design needs today.