5 Luxury Home Design Trends To Help Millennials Create Their Perfect Space

Posted on: 23 March 2018

For millennials, luxurious home design takes a different form than it does for many of their older peers. As you design your dream home, here are 5 trends that will help guarantee a long and happy life in your new home. 

Clean Lines. Millennials don't generally value clutter and filling spaces as much as other generations. They like the freedom of having less to worry about and care for. In home design, this usually translates into open spaces and clean lines. Open room layouts and large windows make the home lighter and brighter. Including storage space helps hide away the necessities of life so they don't detract from your clean look. 

Authentic Materials. Consumerism and materialism is often replaced in the millennial mind by a desire for realness and social responsibility. Look for materials that are sourced locally to reduce their environmental impact and that are created sustainably. You may also want to consider manufacturers' social reputation as well as look for items that are built in ways that improve conditions on the planet or in society. 

Personalization. Interaction is key to a millennial's world, and this idea of both giving and taking can be reflected in how personalized their home is. Expressing personality in home design could include things like master suite layout, color choices, architectural detailing, and the purposes of different rooms.Think about what you actually use in your current home, and find ways to upgrade those ideas into a luxury home design. And let your favorite belongings give inspiration for the architecture of the home.

Flexibility. Along with freedom, flexibility is a key ingredient to a happy millennial life. Rooms should be useful for more than one purpose. Convertible furniture and furnishings that can be hidden away are good ways to make spaces more flexible. As life changes for a young adult, their needs will change, so plan ahead with your home design. 

Mixtures. Don't be afraid to mix in the old with the new. Install barn doors and farmhouse sinks alongside chef's ranges and high-tech gaming equipment. The wold is your oyster, and your decorating can reflect that. Do you like to travel? Mix in art from all over the world. Do you enjoy gathering with older generations of family as well as hanging out at the latest brewpubs? Decorate with Grandma's quilts and install a fully-equipped bar or home brew station. Don't let yourself feel trapped into one artistic or decorative style. 

As you work with your interior designer to create the perfect home for you or your young family, keeping these popular ideas in mind will help you find your voice and your style. Contact an interior designer who specializes in custom luxury home designs for more information.