Ideas For Storing More In Your Kitchen

Posted on: 15 April 2016

A common lament for homeowners is that there's not enough storage in their kitchen. In fact, it's one of the catalysts for deciding on a kitchen makeover or full remodel. However, just having new cabinets installed won't solve the problem if you don't design them for your particular storage needs. Spend a day in the life of your kitchen, noting what items you're reaching for in certain areas, and design your kitchen cabinetry to fulfill your storage preferences.  

Pull-Out Pantry

A popular addition for narrow spaces near refrigerators is the pull-out pantry. This is a custom cabinet consisting of narrow shelves stacked on top of each other. Typically open on both sides, the pull-out pantry is installed on rollers. Such a custom shelf is perfect for storing dried goods, though you can have it further customized to house kitchen tools such as baking sheets or small appliances.

Cabinet Pantry

If you have more width available than depth and height, consider transforming a cabinet into your pantry. Have this cabinet located right next to your main food preparation area. Fit it with both shelves and pull-out drawers to organize different types of food. Better Homes and Gardens also suggests having custom pantry storage accessories installed for easier storage. You can keep the shelving open in your pantry or hide it behind traditional cabinet doors.

Appliance Cabinet

Another transformation for a cabinet is as an appliance stand. Plan to store your most-used items at work surface level inside the cabinet, and have the shelves and an electrical outlet installed accordingly. Additionally, group your heat-generating appliances, such as a toaster and coffee pot, on a pull-out shelf to make using them safer. You can even design the cabinet to accommodate the tools and food that go with the appliances. Have shelves installed above work surface level for less-common appliances that you'll take out for use.

Toe-Kick Drawer

A surprisingly under-utilized space is that between the bottom of cabinets and the floor. Take back this space by having a shallow drawer installed. This narrow space might be ideal for storing items such as baking pans and little-used serving dishes, or it might become your new junk drawer.

Door Attachments

Another under-used space is the back of doors. This can become prime real estate for storage. During your day in the life exercise, note what small items you'd like stored in certain cabinets. Have the backs of these doors customized with hooks, rods, and even racks. Such attachments not only increase your storage space, they facilitate your kitchen tasks by keeping small items close at hand.

While you'll attend to aesthetics when planning the exterior of your kitchen cabinetry, pay close attention to how customized inserts can increase your storage as well. 

For further assistance, contact local installation professionals, such as those from CK Custom Kabinetry Inc.