Learning More About Staircase Railing Safety And Design Impact

Posted on: 30 March 2016

A decorative stairwell can add a level of unique elegance to any home. Whether your stairs are straight or you have a winding staircase, the railings you choose can have a huge impact on stair safety and their decorative appeal. Check out these tips for choosing the staircase railings best for your home.

Railings Are Primarily Used For Safety Reasons

When selecting railings for your stairs, remember the reason they are there in the first place. Rails are for helping you and your family members get up and down the stairs with a low risk of falling, providing a support for you to hold onto, an specially important factor during your descent. While you may find a particular rail has a beautiful decorative appeal, making sure it will be one that will provide the best support for everyone in your home is important. For example, if you prefer a wide wooden, flat styled railing, consider whether your small children would benefit from holding on to it because their hands are small. While you may be able to easily use a wider, flat style, it may impossible for your children to. Considering a wooden style with greater graspability would be the best option for families with children.

Metal Choices Can Be Good For Indoor Decor

Most homeowners choosing metal railings for outdoor stairs. However, some metal railings can be a great way to add elegant style to your indoor stairs, especially wrought iron railings. Wrought iron railings can be especially beautiful when used on spiraling staircases. Wrought iron is durable, so your investment in them can be worthwhile.

Stair Railings Made Out Of Stone Are Unique

If you are considering stone hand rails for your stairs, you need to be sure your stairwell is strong enough to support them. Rails carved out of stone can look great and they add a heightened air of elegance to your home. Some homeowners also have the stairs in their home made out of carved stone, adding to the unique decorative appeal the rails provide. If you wonder about whether or not stone rails would work for your stairs, having a professional contractor take a look at your stairs is a good idea.

In many homes, the staircase is a main focal point in the home's design. Making the right choices for staircase railings is important because if the impact they have on your home's overall decorative design. Taking the time to explore all your options for railings is the best way to the ones you can be happy with a long time to come.